The Reverend Mark Chambers

I feel very blessed to be here and am happy to call St Luke’s on the Lake my church home. Ella and I were both born in Houston and have lived there most of our lives. We met in High School, and I joined the Navy right after High School. Ella and I were married shortly after I enlisted.

We moved around while I was serving as a Navy Corpsman. My last duty station was in Kaneohe Bay Hawaii on the island of Oahu. This is where our son Calvin was born. After my service in the Navy, we returned to Houston and I started working with computers around the time Windows 95 came out. I studied and got certified in Microsoft technologies which led to my career in Information Technology. Three years after our son, our daughter Emily joined our family. During the last 5 years before leaving for seminary I spent working at Microsoft. In 2008 my family joined the Episcopal Church. Ella and I were confirmed and I started spending most of my free time serving in the Church. We went on multiple mission trips and working with the youth. This is where I started using my background in technology. I redesigned the church website, led the use of social media, developed the sound team ministry, and spearheaded the installation and use of projectors in the church. During that time I recognized my call to the ministry and started the process of discernment that led me to pursuing the priesthood. I was approved to go to seminary in early 2013 and started attending Virginia Theological Seminary in August of that year. Throughout seminary and in my field education I continued to work with youth and serving God through mission work and service to the community. I helped build a technology ministry that took up the recording and deployment of audio sermons and started video recording of services. My background in technology has served me well with church websites, the use of technology in ministry, and social media. I also set up the program of live streaming all services at Virginia Theological Seminary thus ensuring the good work could be seen beyond campus. My deepest desire is to serve God’s people and to reach them where they are in the church and in the world. 

Blessings, The Rev. Mark E. Chambers, Blog link here






The Rev. Mark Chambers, Curate 


Ministry Leaders


LoriAnn Lavallee, Director of Children & Family Ministries

Ayesha Cox, Nursery Coordinator

Jimmy Cazin, Director of Youth Ministries

Barbara Frazell, Director of Programs & Communications





9:00 AM Service:

Donald Grantham, Choir Director

David Thoresen, Organist


11:00 AM Service:

Richard Curlee, Contemporary Music Director




Anne Severson, Parish Administrator

Mary Miner, Parish Secretary

Kim Weigers, Bookkeeper

Michael Balli, Sexton

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