Introductions Coffee for Newcomers
Upstairs Riker Conference Room, 10:30 AM
Whether you are a guest, a recently arrived worshiper, or a curious long-time member at St. Luke’s on the Lake, this is the best entry point for becoming oriented to how we practice the Christian faith here.
The Introductions Coffee Series is a safe place to ask any questions about Christianity, the Episcopal Church, and St. Luke’s on the Lake and explore the answers with others. 
The programs in this series are non-sequential and are repeated throughout the school year, so that you can join in on any Sunday.
Newcomers 111608
History introduces you to those elements of the Episcopal Church which are distinctive to the Episcopal Church and those which we share with other Christian churches.
Liturgy introduces you to the Sunday worship which is at the heart of our weekly life as Christians. How does this worship service affect us? What are the essential components of the service?
Journey is one person’s story of their relationship with Jesus Christ and how that relationship shapes their daily living.
Walking Tour is an introduction to both the history of St. Luke’s on the Lake and to the physical plant. If you don’t know where the “Dungeon” or the “Tunnel” is, then whether you are a newbie or an old-timer, this class is for you. The Tour starts at the Rock in the Narthex (sanctuary foyer) rather than in the Library.


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