Before the service

  • Park in one of our two parking lots. We have a large parking lot in front of the church and a smaller one below the church.


  • When you come through the main doors of our church, you’ll enter a  gathering space we call the Narthex (lobby). The giant rock in the middle of the room came from Jerusalem! We use it as our Baptismal Font.


  • You will be welcomed by one of our Greeters. Please let us know that you’re a guest or visitor.


  • Stop by our sign-in stnad to the right of the giant rock and record your visit with us.


  • Young children ages 0-5 are offered excellent child care in our Nursery, located downstairs in Riker Hall. If you need help locating the Nursery, please ask one of the Ushers or Greeters for assistance. The “cry room” is located to the left, before the entrance to the Sanctuary. Many parents drop their children off in the Nursery for the first part of the service, called “the Liturgy of the Word”, then pick them up for the second part so they may participate in “the Liturgy of the Table”, or Holy Communion.


  • On your way into the Sanctuary, pick up a “pew sheet” from an Usher. You may seat yourself, or ask an Usher to help you find a seat.


  • If you need them, earphones and large-print prayer books are available at the soundboard booth, on your left as you enter the Sanctuary.


  • Elementary-aged children (Kindergarten-5th grade) are invited to the front of the Sanctuary during the school year before the 9:00 AM service for a blessing by the priest before going to our children’s worship service, “Rite K”. Rite K provides the Liturgy of the Word in an interactive, kid-friendly format. The children return from Rite K as we greet one another and “exchange the peace” before the Liturgy of the Table, or Holy Communion, begins.


During the service

  • If you’re new to the Episcopal Church, you’ll discover that our worship style is very interactive and participatory. We use the pew sheet and the “Book of Common Prayer” as our guides for worship. You’ll hear people responding during the service according to “scripts” in the BCP. And you’ll see people sitting, standing, and kneeling depending on whether we’re learning, listening, singing, or praying. Everything we do is indicated in the pew sheet and the BCP. Even so, our services might be a little intimidating at first! Please don’t feel awkward or embarrassed if you don’t “keep up”—PLEASE just do what you’re comfortable with! And if you’d like help, the people near you would be happy to assist—just ask.


  • We celebrate the Holy Communion at every service. Anyone who has been baptized according to the Trinitarian Formula (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is invited to partake in Holy Communion, from infants to adults. If you do not wish to take Communion, but would like to receive a blessing from a priest, please cross your arms over your chest at the altar rail.


  • During the service, you’ll be invited to complete a connection card. We ask that you do so we can best follow up with you according to your interests. Please place it in the offering plate during the Offertory; or, if you plan to attend our Introductions Coffee between services, you may bring your card with you. 


After the service

  • The priests would enjoy meeting you. You can find them by the front doors of the Narthex. Please introduce yourselves. But don’t leave yet…


  • If you have children or teens, we offer Christian Education classes for all ages (2 year olds to adults) at 10:15 AM. Current topics and class locations are listed in the Pew Sheet. You may drop off your kids in the appropriate class, then join us back n the Library. If you need help locating a class, please ask someone for assistance—we’re happy to help you! 
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