God calls us to be a community in Christ and to be Christ to the world.  The small groups and lay ministries of St. Luke's help us live into this mission.

ABOUT SMALL GROUPS  Small groups are a place where we can laugh, learn, and grow together, and develop far deeper relationships than are possible within a large congregation. The fun, fellowship, and study opportunities available through the many small groups at St. Luke’s help us to “be a community in Christ.”


ABOUT LAY MINISTRY The word “ministry” is derived from the word “ministration”, which is defined as “the act or process of serving or aiding.” “Lay ministry” refers to those areas in which non-ordained clergy, or “lay” people, use the time, talent, and treasure given to us by God in service or aid to others—so that we may “be Christ to the world”. St. Luke’s has a strong culture of lay ministry, with dozens of options available depending on your particular calling.


ABOUT MISSIONS  Where do "missions" fit in?  In this context, the word "mission" is defined as "a ministry commissioned by a religious organization to propagate its faith."'  Among our lay ministries are several that are mission-focused. 


Many of the groups at St. Luke’s serve dual purposes—both as small groups building our community in Christ, and as lay ministries through which we serve others to be Christ to the world. And many parishioners are active in several groups.   Where is God calling you to be?


Click here for a list of small groups and lay ministries active at St. Luke's.  If you DON’T find a group that fits your needs, interests, or calling, please email Barbara Frazell, Director of Programs, or call her at the office at 266-2455.

Who are the Men of St. Luke’s (MOSL)?   We are a men’s organization dedicated to serving our church and community through prayer, study, and service. All men in the church are welcome and invited to participate with us.

What is the purpose of MOSL?   MOSL supports St. Luke’s by raising money to help our children to attend Camp Allen Summer Camp; we support the Habitat for Humanity, mission work, disaster recovery projects, assorted charities, and assist where there is a need. MOSL promotes fellowship through the types of fund raising and service projects undertaken, such as an annual Chicken BBQ and church and grounds maintenance.

How can I participate in MOSL?   You can actively participate in MOSL in many ways as there are several MOSL events and meetings throughout the year. We have several annuaevents, such as the MOSL Chicken BBQ on Palm Sunday weekend and the MOSL Habitat for Humanity Golf Tournament in May, however there are other events during the year you can join in on. We normally hold meetings every other month, and like our other events, are announced through the weekly pew sheets, SLOL Cliff Notes, SLOL website  and the SLOL newsletter. To learn more about MOSL, or how you can help, contact Kirk Lavallee here.

Watch Men Of St. Luke's video here


Who are the Women of St. Luke’s (WOSL)?  We are a women’s organization dedicated to serving our church and community through prayer, study, and service. All women in the church are welcome and invited to participate with us.


What is the purpose of WOSL?   The purpose of WOSL is to support the women of this parish by offering opportunities for spiritual growth through programs of worship, fellowship, education, service and outreach.  Donations are accepted to support book scholarships for graduating seniors as well as other outreach programs.


How can I participate in WOSL?   WOSL activities are advertised in “The View,” in the pew sheets, on the bulletin board located in the Fellowship Hall, by e-mail and mail.  If you would like to be on the e-mail list to receive reminders of our activities and have not been receiving reminders to date, please e-mail the church office to update your contact information.  We don’t want you to miss out on any of our activities together!  You may also participate by volunteering for the various fundraising, service, and outreach activities that are planned throughout the year. For more information, contact Barbara Frazell.

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