Adult Ministries


God calls us to be a community in Christ and to be Christ to the world.  The connection groups of St. Luke's on the Lake help us live into this mission.

Connection groups are a place where we can laugh, learn, grow together, and develop far deeper relationships than are possible within a large congregation. The fun, fellowship, and study opportunities available through the many groups at St. Luke’s help us grow our community. Explore Connection groups here.

Ministries are activities where we use our time, talent, and treasure given to us by God in service or aid to others - so that we may “be Christ to the world”. St. Luke’s has lots of  ministry options available depending on your particular gifts and interests. Explore ministries here.


Outreach & Missions  Outreach is providing aid to those in need through service, donations and funds. Missions are ministries that focus on teaching others about Jesus. Explore our groups.

Many of the groups at St. Luke’s serve dual purposes - both as connection groups building our community in Christ, and as ministries through which we serve others to be Christ to the world. And many parishioners are active in several groups. Where is God calling you to be?

To find a connection group and/or ministry at St. Luke's on the Lake that fits your needs, interests, or calling, please contact Barbara Frazell, Director of Programs here, or call her at 512-266-2455.